Who chooses Klimop, chooses sustainability

Klimop is part of Groot Eiland, an organisation in the social economy. In this carpentry, they make all kinds of custom-made creations, ranging from cabinets, stairs and tables to the creation of bars and chairs. The workshop also houses Boomerang Design, a furniture project based on the circular economy and in collaboration with Belgian designers!

The Boomerang Design furniture collection is made from recycled wood. The tables, chairs, lamps are put together without screws or nails. Klimop wants to use FSC-labelled wood as much as possible and always tries to get customers to choose this sustainable solution. 

Klimop's team consists of people in training. The candidates learn a good working attitude and gain more self-confidence. Under expert guidance, they practice the tricks of the trade, either in the workshop or at the yard. A language coach helps them to expand their vocabulary in Dutch. The job coaches guide them towards an internship or additional training. 

The people from joinery made the entire interior of sandwich shop BelO and restaurant BelMundo from waste wood. The sawdust from their machines goes into the compost of BelAkker, the city vegetable garden.